Where do you get your insurance?

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Homeowners have been contacting the office looking for where to get homeowner’s insurance when they have been non-renewed. While the HOA can’t make any specific recommendations, our website does allow comments on blog posts to allow homeowners to discuss and exchange information. If you’d like to ask or share information about homeowner’s insurance, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Celia Barry

    We’ve had State Farm continuously since 2006. Two units sold last year so I’d check with the new owners of #9 and #8 and see what companies they might have found.

  2. Martin Perroud


    Progressive recently informed me of the non renewal of my policy do to the fire rating of the area, so i tried the big online companies (Geico, Liberty, state farm, Farmers) with a similar message from all of them. The state farm website did point me to hippo.com that is an online insurance broker and they found Universal North America was willing to issue a policy. I can’t say if they are good or bad but since my policy was about to expire so I took it. Next year i will shop around with more time

  3. Doug

    I had the same problem about 3 years ago and now I use Daniel Carpenter out of Incline – licensed in NV and CA, he latches on to the CA state fund that backs up places like ours.
    Doug 143 – owner since 1999

  4. Suresh

    I switched to AllState about 2 years back. The other companies were increasing the rates quite a bit. I am saving quite a large amount from this switch. I use Tyler Johnson at AllState in Walnut Creek. He can be reached at 925-933-3100 or TylerJohnson@allstate.com

  5. Shirley Wagner

    Unit 133 – I use Farmer’s – They also insure our primary home in Loomis. Our home fire insurance was cancelled in 2019, so we’ve had to use the CA FAIR Plan with Farmer’s DIC coverage.

  6. Katy Hardt

    Unit #56 here. We initially had a policy through Lemonade. Last year, got a new policy with better coverage through GEICO. It’s through one of their third parties called Assurant.

  7. Jack Venable

    #111 – State Farm / Don Holliday in Loomis / 916-652-4476
    Don covers all my insurance needs from Cars, Work Trucks, Homes, Rentals + Umbrella policies. Just spoke with him yesterday and there is no cancellations planned for condo type policies which owners currently have on our properties, but we may see a cost increase in the policy of 20-30% on the next renewal. He stated that State Farm appear to be the #1 unit insurer at CW, based on the number of policies he sees on the over all HOA properties.

    I would suggest everyone double standard minimum Condo policy coverage, due to the fact that HOA current coverage for the structures which are town-homes does not cover your home like a typical condo policy would. it only covers replacement of the structural & weather shell and any required interior bearing or lateral structural members or walls. Owners insurance will be required to bear costs of all Non-Structural Interior Walls, all rough Plumbing & Electrical from meter, Mechanical systems, Insulation, Drywall and all Interior Finishes, plus personal belongings. Typical condo policy only covers replacement of finished materials inside of the face of the sheet rock surfaces and personal belongings.

    If any of you have done remodeling, you are aware of construction costs in Tahoe. Please review your maximum policy coverage and realistically figure out what you unit would cost to rebuild back to its current condition. Make sure your policy includes “code updates”, because there have been considerable changes to what we have now and what you would be allowed to rebuild today.

    You can always contact me through the Architectural Control Committee of you have questions. Jack Venable

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