Request for CW History

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We are seeking information to build a history of the Carnelian Woods townhome development as part of its 50th anniversary. We’re sure there is much that can be written. We need your help to answer questions along the line of:

  • How we got here?
  • What has happened along the way?
  • What did the units and the area originally look like?
  • What kind of changes across the development have been made and will need to be made?
  • Were the existing trees kept during construction or planted afterwards?
  • Who built the complex?
  • What was the history/experience of the builders?
  • What issues did the units originally have?
  • How were the problems addressed?
  • Any lawsuits with the original builders?
  • How many units were originally planned? More than the existing undeveloped lots?
  • How did the HOA end up with the undeveloped lots?
  • What did the units originally sell for?
  • What issues has CW had to deal with over time and what repeats?
  • How have the units and CW Association changed over time? Like, did CW always have hired permanent staff?
  • Are there time periods we can break the history into? By management or board leadership, or local conditions/government?
  • And may more, we’re sure…

Please contact us, send information and images to the Communications Committee, or post your comments below.

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