2022/23 Winter Damage Insurance Repairs Status, May 3

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Below is an update from RMC on the progress at Carnelian Woods as of 5/3.

  • RMC has ordered the coils of roofing material. The roofing manufacturer needs exact measurements of the material sizing that is being replaced. RMC’s plan is to begin removing the damaged roofing material soon, then install the underlayment and seal the roof. Then they will have all of the exact measurements from what is removed to provide to the manufacturer when they are ready to form the new material. RMC are hoping the weather will start to lighten up soon and they can start this process.
  • RMC is working on a schedule for installing the windows once they have the deck repair plans and the weather lightens up to make installation more efficient. RMC will get an update on where the engineer is with the deck plans and update when that is received.

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