20 Minute Video on Megafires

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A video produced by North 40 Production with the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the US Forest Service. Synopsis from the North 40 web site:

“The rise of highly destructive mega-fires–wildfires over 100,000 acres–has become one of today’s most pressing and complex problems. Our communities, homes, businesses and even our very way of life are threatened by them. Facing the reality of this issue can be nothing short of daunting. But like all wicked problems, through education we can change the way fire comes to our forests and communities. 

The Era of Megafires (EOM) is a multi-media presentation that combines the research of Dr. Paul Hessburg (Pacific Northwest Research Station, U.S. Forest Service) with the visual storytelling of award-winning film company, North 40 Productions. Utilizing animations, graphics and video vignettes, this presentation is designed to engage and inspire audiences, as well as provide an effective educational tool for organizations who are working tirelessly to improve the wildfire situation.”

See the video here.

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